FAQ’S Q: How much is my loan approved for? A: This is based upon a number of factors including your job/history, down payment, and residence/ history.  That number will vary from lender to lender and will be based upon your verifiable income. Q: What interest rate will I be paying on my auto loan? A: The rates are based upon each lender’s criteria and changes frequently.  They look at credit score, job/history, residence/history, down payment, and several factors that vary for each lender.  Our affiliated lenders will compete for your business so you will get a highly competitive rate. Q: How long will it take to submit my application? A: Its web based so the instant you send it our automated system receives it. Don’t miss any questions out or omit any information. You may get declined if you don’t fill in the form accurately and with 100% correct information. Double check everything before submitting your application. Q: Do I have to pay a fee to submit my application? A: No – we don’t charge you anything for using our service. Q: Is there a limit to the kind of vehicle I could get? A: No not at all. Whatever you need – from a truck to a sports car – you can get approved when you use our service. Q: What if I have bad credit? Is it worth applying for an auto loan with your company? A: Yes! This is the main reason why we are in business – to help people get the auto loan they need, regardless of how good or bad their credit rating might be. We have over a 99% approval rate and our high customer service standards mean you can look forward to a great service and help whenever you need it. Q: What if I buy a pre-owned vehicle? Will I be able to rely on it? A: When people buy a pre-owned auto we recommend they take out a warranty on it. It will protect against the potential cost of repairs in the future. Unexpected costs like this will increase the chances of you getting into trouble with your loan repayments. To avoid this, a warranty can be extremely useful to have. Contact us for more information at support@carloanseekers.com. Q: Can I re-establish good credit if I buy a pre-owned vehicle? A: Yes you can. It’s because a lending institution will look closely at an auto loan if you are making your payments properly. The only loan that is looked at more closely is a home loan. If you repay it diligently.  
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